Limited Edition Louis Vuittons Are Here At Revival!

The BEST thing about Curated designer consignment is finding the well loved Limited Edition Gems that are a forever classic. Here are a few of our Louis Vuitton faves!


Louis Vuitton White Monogram Vernis and Stickers Alma PM Bag

Limited Edition 2016.


"The new Louis Vuitton sticker pattern brings a new edge to the Monogram Vernis leather. The feel of the pattern is very retro-contemporary, with vintage-feeling stickers on white glossy Vernis leather. The stickers include the Petite Malle Bag, as well as lipstick, nail polish, headphones, cars, and salt and pepper shakers. Each sticker has a vintage feel and gives a very old school look to classic LV designs." -purseblog


Louis Vuitton Olympe Stratus PM Ecru

Spring/Summer 2007 Collection


"This bag is supposed to represent the smoky effect of Mount Olympus. With its chunky plaited handles and resin detailing, this glamorous bag is sure to turn heads." Retail price: $2580.


Louis Vuitton Bowly Polka Dot Panama Bag

From the Spring/Summer 2007 Collection.


"From Louis Vuitton's Spring 2007, this limited edition handbag combines Marc Jacob's attention grabbing style with classic Louis Vuitton appeal."


Louis Vuitton Black Monogram Patchwork Conte De Fees Musette Bag

From the Spring/Summer 2002 Collection.


A total fave for Louis Vuitton collectors and lovers everywhere, this stunning bag was created in collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Julie Verhoeven.

Which one is your FAVORITE?